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The illuminate 22 Day Challenge will change your life!

You will learn the hidden motivations behind every action you have ever taken, and discover the root cause of every stress you have ever suffered. You will discover the 12 innate needs and 8 innate capabilities of every human being and gain a new understanding of the natural response which we all experience as stress.

The date of the next challenge will be announced soon. Click here to watch a short video of Alec explaining what it is all about.

illuminate workbookYou will receive a 30 page Workbook which contains all the information for taking part in the challenge and a daily diary where you can record your thoughts, feelings and experiences throughout the challenge.

For the 22 day duration of the challenge you will receive an email each day from Alec containing a link to a short video. This video will introduce a concept, ask you to reflect on the issue of the day, and if you are a Facebook user, invite you to share your thoughts and experiences with others who are also taking part in the challenge. Although you do not need to be on Facebook to take part, we strongly recommend it since it provides a (private) community where everyone can share their experience and learn from each other. Membership is restricted to those taking part in the challenge and only members of the group can view what is posted to the group.

Click here to visit the private Facebook group. You will also need to click “JOIN” on the Facebook group if you want to become a member, but please note that all membership requests will be processed at the same time about three days before the start of the challenge.

Click here to book a one-to-one consultation with Alec.

Registrations will be opening soon for the next “illuminate 22 Day Challenge”. Places will be strictly limited so if you want to guarantee your place then click below to receive updates.

Here is what people said about the challenge:

  • “It has been really brilliant.” – Tara
  • “It gets you to think of practical solutions to meet your needs.” ~ Fiona
  • “I would just say ‘go for it’ it’s fun!” ~ Jacqui
  • “Do it immediately! It’s a fantastic opportunity to help you put lots of “stuff” into perspective and helps you to do a life de-clutter.” ~ Carmel
  • “Excellent, bite size nuggets of knowledge and opportunity to reflect, learn and grow. Really liked the ability to interact with others via Facebook. Really easy to fit into your day and busy schedule – bitesize, flexible, thought provoking.” ~ Nicola
  • “The illuminate 22 challenge allows you space to explore self in a world where we are rarely given time and permission to do so. Once you understand the power of in8 connecting with self and in doing so find where your individual needs are not being met you can make positive change.” ~ Angela
  • “It’s a great way of really focusing on human givens ideas in a sustained and creative way. Alec’s daily videos are beautifully concise, thoughtful and stimulating. The opportunity to post ideas and share visual images around each theme is wonderful, and it’s great being able to see how others experience their human needs and resources
  • If you are new to the human givens, this is a wonderful way of exploring a great new framework for understanding what makes us tick. If you are already familiar with the human givens, this is a way of exploring what the abstract concepts – our ‘needs’ and ‘resources’ – mean in the nitty-gritty of our lives – and have sharing these insights with other people in a safe, friendly environment.” ~ Roger
  • “Excellent! I think the use of the word “challenge” is appropriate because the lessons do challenge my thinking and encourage reflection of past experiences and how they help and hinder my current self from living a fulfilling life.” ~ Anne
  • “Thought provoking and informative within a safe and supportive environment.” ~ Sue
  • “This course is for everyone. Whether anyone thinks of themselves as well or unwell. I think it should be taught in schools too, ASAP in the future” ~ Ellie
  • “It’s people friendly.” ~ Nicola
  • “Very exciting and enjoyable. I would recommend the 22 Day workshops – you have nothing to lose by giving it a go.” ~ Susan
  • “Food for thought. Enables us to filter our experiences through a different lens.” ~ Anja
  • “Really excellent insight into applying the HG approach in a condensed format. I think you learn a lot about your own way of thinking – without getting into the old pit of negativity. Everything is very positive and goal-orientated.” ~ Colin
  • “Informative, engaging, as much or as little as one wants it to be. It provides a useful framework and opportunity to help one consider how one might improve things one might like to improve or remove obstacles that are in one’s way.” ~ Jo

Here is what an ex-head teacher said about the challenge:

This has been, for me, a fascinating voyage of self-discovery. I had a rudimentary knowledge of the Human Givens approach to wellbeing and was very keen to learn more. Wow, did I learn more?!

A huge bonus was that the challenge was led by Alec Stansfield. He has the calm authority that can only come from being thoroughly well versed and experienced in his field and one felt immediate confidence in both him and the programme. Authoritative, but never authoritarian, his responses to the group and individuals were sensitive and insightful. He seemed to have an instinctive grasp of the underlying meaning of what people were saying and knew when to simply accept or support, and when to open the pathways to a new level of self-understanding. He was inspirational and highly effective in establishing the warm, secure environment within which the project and its participants were able to flourish.

The challenge itself helped me to understand much more about myself and the innate human needs that are common to us all. The scores I recorded for how well my needs were being met improved, simply as a result of undertaking the challenge – and that’s just the beginning. Armed with the knowledge and insights I gained, I can see many ways in which I can have a lot of fun working on and improving my sense of wellbeing. Also, having signed up largely out of personal interest, I ended up with a much broader understanding of the positive impact I can have on those around me, even though I am no longer working professionally with other individuals or groups. My only regret is that I did not have this model to refer to during my main career as an educator and (later) as a life coach. It is an invaluable professional resource that would have enhanced everything I believed in and tried to do.

I took part in the Facebook group and would urge future participants to do the same. Having previously resisted all thoughts of being lured into social media, I was very wary when I signed up for Facebook and quickly learned how to prevent it being an intrusion or distraction. The private group that Alec created was, on the other hand, a perfect medium for the exploration of ideas, however tentative, and the sense of community that grew within the group was unique and wonderful. Despite most of us being total strangers to each other, an openness and supportiveness quickly developed in the very safe setting of the Illuminate group.

In short, I highly recommend the illuminate Challenge – in fact, any venture or services provided by Alec and Bindi at In8 – to any one with an interest in their own wellbeing or with a personal or professional interest in the wellbeing of others.

~ Graham