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in8 Cards Workshop Feedback

Workshop Feedback 16 Jan 2015Testimonials

Our workshops usually generate a buzz of excitement and enthusiasm from those attending. And the last two were not exceptions. Here is the un-edited feedback from all of those who attended the two most recent in8 Cards workshops. (Make sure you read the last one!)

Delightfully Simple

The in8 way of working brings the essence of the human givens approach to life in a delightfully simple way

Illuminating & Enjoyable

A very illuminating and enjoyable day in helping to understand our fundamental needs and our innate skills. Also as a therapist, the in8 cards are very helpful in clarifying the individual’s situation and helping them to appreciate helpful and healthy goals.

Simply Beautiful

The cards are beautifully simple and simply beautiful. I can imagine applications and look forward to using them.


Beautifully simple but inspiring and life-changing. Each and every card is a thought-provoking work of art.

Simple and Profound

The course was facilitated by lovely, warm and knowledgeable practitioners whose passion for in8 is infectious. The cards are a visual feast – simple and yet profound. I learned more about myself and what it means to be human.

Excellent Value

Excellent value for money. A day well spent. Wasn’t sure what to expect, but knew that Bindi and Alec will make the workshop effective and interesting. The human givens approach to achieving happy living is the best model available.


Inspiring. in8 Cards are clear, concise and extremely accessible method of getting to the heart of challenges that people might be facing. A clear, concise and accessible training day.

Great Way Out

Great way of getting out of feeling stuck.


Helps you find new ways of sorting out difficult problems

What’s Important?

Gets you thinking about what is really important in your life.


A fun way of looking at your needs and the resources you have to meet your needs.


Thank you Bindi and Alec for an inspirational day. I’m so pleased to have shared the day with you both and met an amazing group of people. Can’t wait to use the cards!


Very worthwhile, looking forward to coming again in the future. Also, I will be using the video links and website.

Thought Provoking

Thought provoking but a very simple, common sense approach. Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and feel very positive about making changes in my own life as well as being equipped to help others.

All You Need to Know

It’s difficult to make decisions and take steps forward in life when you’re confused about what you need and how you can tackle the problem… You need a road map. I feel if I told you that this course is all you need to know what to do I would DEFINITELY be understating how good it is.

Many thanks to everyone who came for their generous comments! If you want to come to one of our low-cost, friendly and fun workshops, take a look here or contact us to reserve your place now.