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Counselling Testimonials

‘I was at a very difficult and scary place but you helped me more than I could of imagined. Bindi gave me some powerful and healing mental tools which really enabled me to get back to my normal self and help me move on with my life. I am eternally greatful. – Lola, age 20’

Each session with Alec made me feel better and gave me something constructive to focus on in between. I finally understood what was happening to me. Learning how the brain works and focusing on getting the balances right in my life helped me to break out of self-destructive thought patterns that had been ruling and ruining my life. The human givens approach helped me to help myself.

I would recommend this help to all. It has given me more freedom in life and I am now in control and don’t have to have bad feelings about anything any more. Life is better than it has ever been. It is also helping my family as I am calmer with them. Thank you. Bless you.

Just a token of my appreciation for getting me through what has been a very ‘dark time’, and for pointing out that things aren’t always as bad as they appear to be. I in myself have managed to get closer to the end of the tunnel and have started to think rationally again, so there are some shades of blue sky appearing on the horizon, but I still have a way to go yet. (… deleted for reasons of confidentiality… Ed) Thank you for all the good that you have done for me and for believing in me. Cheers.

After my first conversation with Alec, I instinctively knew that his approach would help me. By helping me to understand my behaviour and giving me the answers and guidance that I needed, Alec has helped clear my mind and move forward. Most importantly (for me) Alec has given me the confidence to realise that I have great qualities and I’m actually quite proud of what I have achieved.

If anyone I know needs help in the future I will recommend the Human Givens Centre to help change their lives too.

Alec was like a breath of fresh air, didn’t want to know how I felt about “my father”, “my past”, “my first pet” or “first girlfriend”, I was instantly at ease, I have goose bumps now as I think about it. Alec’s technique was like nothing I had experienced in the previous 6 or 7 months since taking enough pills to cure all the hangovers in a small town. I was shown how to relax, how to recover and repair, deal with the pain when I wanted to instead of being crushed under the weight of it.

5 months on I am back at work and applying for a Managerial position, relaxed, confident and happy, but more importantly able to deal with all the rubbish that life dumps on you, without letting it build up until it is too big to even consider, let alone, put right. 5 sessions with Alec turned my life around, he saved my life and gave it back to me, only better.

Part of the technique rids me of my daily burdens and puts me to sleep at night, (or when ever I feel like a quick nap!) please don’t despair, the pit is surprisingly shallow, confusion doesn’t reign, try alendi, if you are like I was 12 months ago you have nothing to loose and everything to gain.”

Alec, I can’t really do you justice in 50 words, sorry. Please feel free to use all, part or none of the above in anyway you deem fit, you can put my first name on it and county and I would be happy to speak to anyone on the phone or by mail if it means they may come to you for help.

Thank you once again and I’ll never forget what you have done for me.

Most importantly I think to point out is that IT WORKS, I had been afraid of spiders (photos, drawings, cartoons not to mention the real thing) for as long as I could remember, it was becoming debilitating. I had found my self unable to go into my own home because I had seen a spider the night before which no one could find and dispose of and worst of all I was passing the fear on to my children, so when I was offered Human Givens therapy I was skeptical, but willing to try anything that could help, (I had already tried psychotherapy without success). I met with Alec with as open mind as possible. The success was remarkable.

I spent an hour and a half with Alec “in the chair”. At all times I felt completely confident and relaxed about opening up and dealing with the subject.

He is a complete professional and the method of discussion used, lead to a very positive result in terms of understanding and boxing the subject for the future.

I would highly recommend Alec’s passive, verbal methods and techniques. Align this with his sincere and genuine character, I had no concerns about trusting his help and advice.

2011 hit me like a train; a new job to which I devoted 12 hour days, the death of my mother during a cancer treatment, guilt of leaving my teenage sons unsupervised, my brother’s alcoholism, this all compacted unresolved issues and brought all of me into question, surrounding me in doubt and negativity.

In May 2012 Bindi agreed to work with me by phone; I live in France where no English-speaking HG counsellors were available. Bindi was clear with me from the outset that I would likely need more sessions than if I were having face-to-face appointments. However, I was so keen to be a nice person to live with again, I couldn’t face putting off the search for a solution for even one more week that we booked my initial appointments. (We had 7 in total)

Bindi has helped me to identify the healthy, positive, kind parts in me and she has taught me skills to deal with negative feelings such as guilt and anger and cope with grief.

In August I was able to accept an invitation from a friend, book flights and plan a great vacation with my youngest teenage son. I used my new tools to accept kindness, spend money on a worthwhile experience, banish fears of imaginary danger and enjoy a relaxing break renewing a bond of friendship.

Using headphones for the telephone sessions did not feel clumsy and I may have needed a few more sessions than a visiting client, but my HG experience has been a worthwhile investment in me and I can see positive progress in all I live with.


My husband and I have recently adopted two toddlers and were finding the whole experience emotionally overwhelming. We had a number of sessions with Bindi, individually, as a couple and as a family to explore our needs and emotions and that of our children’s, elements of which were trauma based.

Each session with Bindi helped us to understand and rationalise our reactions to the children and equipped us with coping mechanisms for stressful situations and ideas for how best to resolve confrontational episodes. Simple breathing techniques enabled us to calm ourselves and deal with anxieties, both our own and those of our children.  We have also taught calming breathing techniques to our son to combat his anxiety. He is now able (at the age of 3) to self calm by this method which will now be a life long skill.

I would recommend the Human Givens approach. It makes so much sense and has pulled our newly formed family together at a time when we were really struggling.

Thank you for helping our family to thrive and giving us hope for our future together.