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However much you feel you’ve understood everything and have it “under you belt” after the Diploma – this course will encourage you even further and clarify all you need to know regarding achieving level 3

An interactive, fun and informative session that gave our team a real insight in to how using the Human Givens approach can enhance the way we deal with our clients to overcome communication barriers such as frustration, anger and withdrawal. Would recommend this session!

Wheatsheaf Trust

The course is well done. Packed with valuable information and increases your enthusiasm for employing the HG diploma course.

Really good to enhance learning in practical ways re working with clients and technical issues.

Really practical and helpful preparation for part III as well as an excellent refresher and introduction to some new ideas.

This course will prepare you for part III in a very Human Givens way that is stress-free and supportive using left and right brain counselling skills.

This is a very helpful opportunity to revise and to recall and have the opportunity to practise good practice. Extremely helpful in building confidence and motivating me to get my videos sorted.

That people may feel the weekend helpful and beneficial wherever that are in their journey – in between part 2 and 3 or after part 3 and starting out as a therapist.

Approachability of tutors. Convenience of location. Suitability of facilities. Knowledge / expertise of tutors. Opportunity to discuss issues that may have emerged since HG training and/or no opportunity to discuss issues during training.

Provides a modern scientific(ish) approach to human problems through needs not being met. Groundbreaking!

Accessible language, clear ideas and principles, applicable to every issue I am currently challenged by. Welcoming and comfortable group.

It will raise awareness of the needs we have and how we can try to help ourselves when things might seem out of control.

Thought provoking, stimulating, enjoyable, safe environment to consider thinking differently.

It makes you rethink how you think and what you really need.

Interesting to those who value people more than outcomes.

That it’s great to meet a group of people and be able to discuss and listen to their ideas / opinions. The human givens is about our basic needs. It’s not complicated!