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Personal Wellbeing

wellbeingDo you ever get the feeling that things are not quite right in your life, that you’ve lost your direction and things don’t make sense anymore?

Your emotional and mental wellbeing is vital to your overall health and ability to live life to the full but sometimes you get stuck, you can’t get the gears back in motion and you start feeling helpless.

Most people come to see us because they suffer from anxietypanic attacksdepression or other forms of mental distress such as uncontrollable angeraddictionsphobiasrelationship problems – the kind of issues for which people typically seek the help of a psychotherapist or counsellor. But we don’t really care too much what labels you may have collected – we work with you as a human being.

We have a lot of experience in providing fast and effective help with any situations where your thinking processes are not working as well as you want.

Our approach is based on some relatively simple ideas about how our brains work, but which really revolutionise our whole approach to what it actually means to be healthy.

The in8 programme, based on Human Givens, helps you to live well. It enables you to identify and utilise you own personal strengths and abilities and to recognise your own and other’s innate needs. You will gain insights and practical techniques for dealing effectively with the stresses of modern life, whether these are due to lifestyle, family, work or other factors.

If you struggle with your own habits, or find it hard to cope with life – please get in touch with us. We know that you are probably thinking that your situation is unique, you might be wondering if we can actually help at all. We also know how hard it can sometimes be just to pick up the phone. Most people find us to be really understanding and helpful. We depend hugely on word of mouth recommendations and our aim is to help you as quickly and effectively as possible. Even if you are not quite sure, why not contact us anyway to see what we can offer? Many people before you have and we have successfully helped them.