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Managing Anxiety


Anyone who has suffered a panic attack will tell you that it is a truly terrifying experience. In fact the experience of a panic attack can be severe enough to cause effects of trauma in itself regardless of any outside experience. Anxiety can also occur without any obvious reason or warning sign.


What is anxiety?

Anxiety can take many forms such as excessive worrying, panic attacks, fears, phobias, lack of confidence, overwhelming stress and pressure or post traumatic stress disorder.


Why do I get anxious?

During states of high anxiety it can be impossible to think clearly and rationally. The good news is that this is perfectly normal for human brains and we can explain to you why this is so. Better still we can teach you ways to cope and to avoid further bad experiences.


How can I overcome my anxiety?

We have a lot of experience in helping people to overcome their fears. Our approach is based on new understandings about how the brain works and can give rapid and effective relief. We use explanations along with teaching you coping techniques to enable you to keep calm in challenging situations. We also use guided imagery and teach you relaxation techniques that really work.