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Dealing with Depression


Depression can affect absolutely anyone and has as much to do with our everyday lives and the environment we live in than anything about us as a person – our background, personality or history.


Can you help me?

The good news is that depression, and the causes of depression, are now fully understood and we now have the tools to help you overcome your depression quickly, effectively and permanently without, you will be pleased to hear, the need to take anti-depressant tablets.


I’m not sure if I am depressed, what should I do?

Some of our clients are referred to us by their GP (or midwife in the case of Post Natal Depression) because depression has been diagnosed.  However, many come to us without any formal diagnosis because they suspect they might have depression or at least know that something’s not right in their life.

We work closely with your specific situation and life history, regardless of any formal diagnostic labels that you may have collected along the way.  No matter how you find us we will be able to help, even from the very first session.

For more information, we have written an essay called Depression: Causes and Advice or you can listen to this radio interview that Alec gave.