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Eating Disorder Treatment


Eating disorders can be very scary and cause a great deal of stress and distress within a family. Anyone who has lived with a sufferer knows well just how disruptive these particular kinds of illness can be, both to the person suffering and those who are trying to support them.

It is usually difficult to understand what has gone wrong, and even harder to know what to do for the best.


What is an eating disorder?

Eating disorders include, bulimia (binge eating followed by deliberate vomiting), anorexia nervosa (restricting dietary input to a minimum), obesity or any other form of destructive behaviour centred around eating – we can help.


How can you help me?

At in8 we have experience of working with sufferers of eating disorders and we are keen to offer our expertise to help sufferers wherever possible. 


My child/friend has an eating disorder how can I help?

If you are a family member who wants to support someone who is struggling we can arrange a session just for you where we will teach you skills that will help you to help your loved one.