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Parents and Children Under Stress


Why do parents need help?

There are many reasons why parents come to us for help:

Sometimes it’s because their child is having difficulties at school – with learning or behaviour.  Sometimes because there has been a break up in the family or they are having difficulties as their child is suffering from a physical or emotional health problem.  Adoptive parents may have attachment issues, couples have clashing parenting styles or a step-parent maybe uncertain of their parenting role.

Whatever the reason, we work as quickly as we can to use what already ‘works’ in a family to help to fix what doesn’t work by helping with anxiety issues, providing coping strategies and teaching behaviour management for children.


Who do you help?

We work with one parent or two, step-parents, adoptive parents, foster parents and grandparents and sometimes with the whole family.


We help children

We help children with phobiasanxiety and anger, and as with adults we keep the number of sessions to the minimum. 


Children we have helped:

For instance, a 5 year old who had a phobia of flies was preventing the family enjoying a camping holiday, after one session she had overcome the problem and within an hour blew a fly off the front of her dress.

On another occasion a 10 year old was having nightmares remembering a trauma that had happened aged 3. After a single session her Mum reported that she had her daughter back, she was playing with her little sister and enjoying being with her Mum again.

A third child aged 12 had lost his confidence with his sport and was becoming nervous and anxious at home and school. After 2 sessions he had regained his confidence and was enjoying life again.


How long will it take?

We do not have rules about how many sessions are needed or whether parents should or should not be with the child during sessions.