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Personal Development

personal development

The in8 personal development programme is suited to people who are going through life, work, health and relationship changes as well as people who are supporting others who have physical, emotional, mental or behavioural difficulties. This could be either in a professional or personal capacity. This is not a therapy programme.

How does it work?

You will work with your in8 practitioner to choose a selection of eight session themes that you feel would be the most useful to you. You are free to change your choice at any time as you proceed through the eight sessions.

As an example, if you were experiencing the beginning or the ending of a close relationship, you might choose the following modules to help you:

  • Male and Female Brains
  • Clear Thinking – How we react to situations
  • Relaxation and Visualisation
  • Improving Physical Health and Sleep
  • Identifying your Innate Needs
  • How your Brain Works
  • Communication Skills
  • Progress Review – Next Steps


Can I chose the in8 personal development programme that is right for me?

The Personal in8 program is tailored to meet your needs and we pride ourselves on being extremely flexible. For instance, a couple can attend for a small additional charge (please call to discuss).

Each course includes useful resources such as handouts, books and CD’s.

How long will it take?

Each module is one hour long and you can take up to four modules at each session. Sessions can be held weekly, or to suit your individual situation.