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Post Natal Depression

Post natal

Having a young baby to look after can be exhausting. It can be difficult to get enough sleep and changes in lifestyle and responsibility can result in feeling like your whole life is out of control.


What is postnatal depression?

Postnatal depression can happen to any mother, even if the birth has gone well (although traumatic labour is often a significant factor in postnatal depression) and you have the beautiful baby you’ve always wanted. 

If you feel that you are generally not able to enjoy things as much as you used to you may be suffering from postnatal depression.


How can I get help?

New understandings about what causes depression have led to really effective and reliable methods to provide help to sufferers. 

Our approach is so successful that in8 have secured an on-going contract to provide support to Wiltshire Maternity Services. We train midwives in approaches to mental health and we get referrals via the NHS to help young mums overcome postnatal depression.

If you feel that memories of a past experience of giving birth is having a negative impact on you and your relationships with your close family, and even preventing you from having more children Please ring and ask to speak to Bindi to see how we can help.

We have written an essay on depression if you would like an overview of depression in general.