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Relationship Counselling


Relationship difficulties are often self-perpetuating because our beliefs and reactions to one another trigger patterns of behaviour that stop us solving them. When couples or families want to stay together, or if you need support when a relationship ends, the in8 approach can help.

How can you help us?

We help you to express what is not currently working in your relationship and listen to your views on the situation. Where appropriate we can explain the differences in male and female thinking styles. This can be as relevant to same-sex relationships as to heterosexual relationships. We can also teach you practical and effective ways to improve communication between partners.

Can I come alone?

We are very flexible in the way we work. For instance, although it is usual to see people together, we also expect to spend some time with each person individually. This is simply because when there are problems in a relationship there are often things which cannot be said easily in front of the other partner. If there is a need or a preference for each person to be seen by a separate counsellor then we can arrange this.

I would prefer to see a female/male counsellor is this possible?

You can choose whether you prefer to meet with a man or a woman. We are experienced in helping couples to resolve their problems and we know that very often one of you is likely to be more reluctant (or maybe more sceptical) than the other.