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Stop Smoking


Nicotine is a very addictive substance that can be hard to quit. But, with the right information, motivation, encouragement and techniques, quitting your nicotine habit does not have to be long, difficult or painful.


I want to quit smoking, what should I do?

We design an individual plan of action that is specifically designed to work for your particular circumstances. We can help you achieve the things you want to achieve – whether you prefer to cut down slowly, or quit suddenly; whether you intend to never ever smoke again, or have an occasional celebratory cigar at Christmas or a family wedding. The important thing is to put you back in control so that you have real choices and effective ways to implement your own decisions.


How long will it take to quit?

At the first session we will give you an indication of how many sessions you are likely to require – but you only pay for the sessions you need and in our experience two sessions is the average number required to give up smoking completely!