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Treatment for Phobias


Many people have fears which they recognise at some level are not entirely rational. We may know that a spider can’t really hurt us, nor can balloons, plumbing, buttons or clowns – but knowing this is not always enough to stop us from experiencing a strong sense of fear.

Phobias can make life miserable. A fear of flying may prevent you visiting your family or stop you from succeeding in your job. A fear of confined spaces may prevent you from being able to use lifts. Agoraphobia may cause terrifying panic attacks. But you do not have to suffer.


Why do I have a phobia?

Phobias can occur either due to a single (often unexpected) frightening experience, or may build up over many years due to continual reinforcement of a fear response.


Can you help me overcome my phobia?

Regardless of how the phobia was caused, we use extremely effective ways to overcome these irrational fears, quickly and permanently.

The in8 approach is very effective in helping people to overcome phobias – no matter what the fear relates to.


How long will it take?

Most phobias can be overcome in just two or three sessions, but some need only a single session and others can require more.