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in8 Cards – Boxed Set


in8 Cards is a well-being resource designed to assist those helping to improve the lives of individuals, strengthen relationships and improve productivity within teams. This well-being resource includes an 80 page explanatory booklet, 20 beautifully illustrated A6 sized cards which represent the “innate needs” and “innate resources” of human beings and an organza bag for convenient carrying of the cards for those situations where neither the book or box are required.

ISBN: 978-0-9576232-0-0

Please note that this product will shortly be discontinued and replaced by the very similar, but larger Anxiety Freedom Cards

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A well-being resource described as “A brilliant way to get people talking about what really matters”.

in8 Cards is a well-being resource designed to assist those helping to improve the lives of individuals, strengthen relationships and improve productivity within teams. Each one of the cards represents an innate human needs or resources. The beautiful and thought-provoking images invite you to embark on an inward search for meaning and relevance relating to each of the key ideas. This process provides an insightful way to evaluate life situations, choices and environments in terms of how well your innate resources are being used and how well your innate needs are met. Viewing things from this perspective helps to clarify what might be prioritised to reduce stress and improve well-being.

The cards are used throughout the world by therapists, teachers, counsellors, doctors, social workers, facilitators, trainers, carers, life-coaches – in fact anyone who works to improve well-being, regardless of their environment.

The concept is inspired by the human givens approach. It was developed by Alec Stansfield and Bindi Gauntlett who are both Fellows of the Human Givens Institute (HGI). They have, between them, over twenty year’s experience of using the human givens approach to help people in all walks of life. They developed this innovative tool as a practical way to teach one of the fundamental organising ideas of the human givens approach in a practical and “physical” hands-on way. A key motivation was the observation that many people can benefit hugely from understanding this model, regardless of whether they are interested in, or involved with any kind of therapy.

Having something physical to hold in your hands, spread out on a desk, move around, sort, or place in separate piles seems to help people relate to and understand the concepts much more easily and in much more depth than when the ideas are simply discussed.

The illustrations are by the renowned illustrator Laurie Stansfield who from a young age was immersed in the organising ideas that underpin human givens knowledge and skills.

The 80 page instruction book (which is only included in the boxed-set) includes a summary of the needs model of well-being, suggestions for different ways of using the cards personally, with individuals and with groups. It also includes sections for each card which includes: related concepts; an explanation of the card meaning; and a story giving an example of how the card might be interpreted.

This is what Joe Griffin (Psychologist and co-founder of the human givens approach) says about in8’s cards:

“This creative and practical tool can help individuals and groups learn how to improve the quality of their lives”

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