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in8 workshops

in8 workshops are fun, interesting and packed with great insights into human behaviour.

Attending an in8 group workshop can enrich your life. You will learn how and why people react to situations, and how to utilise your innate resources to give you alternative ways of dealing with situations.

You will learn things about yourself that make you wonder why you never saw things this way before.


in8 Cards Workshops

in8 Cards Workshops are fun, interactive and relatively informal meetings where we explore practical ways of using the unique in8 Cards resource to improve well-being for individuals, couples, families and groups.

These workshops are open to everyone. People come for many reasons, some simply because they are interested, others because they anticipate that they could use this innovative resource in their work, and some because they want to run their own workshops based on this format.

You can find out more here: in8 Cards Workshops.


Building Confidence as a Therapist

The  Building Confidence as a Therapist Master Class is a two day master class for people who have passed the Diploma in Human Givens – and who now want to take their “Part 3” qualification to become a fully qualified Human Givens Practitioner.

Many people find that they benefit from this refresher course in the basics of the human givens approach which focuses on the practical application of these powerful ideas. It tells you everything you need to know to prepare videos of your work for successful submission to the HG College.

We have now been running this workshop for six years and it is one of our favourites. Feedback from our workshops shows that people really enjoy and value attending.


Transitions Workshops

in8 transitions workshops are open to all. They will help you to deal with life changes such as:

  • Divorce/separation
  • Blended, step or adopted families
  • Illness
  • Retirement
  • Moving to a new area

These workshop will teach you techniques for handling and avoiding stress, dealing with change, improving your own well-being and ways to maintain a positive outlook in the face of pressure.

Please contact us for further details.


Finding the Balance Workshop

The in8 Finding the Balance course will help you to build confidence in your own abilities and give you valuable insights into getting your innate needs met and understanding other people.

You will learn things about your brain which will change the way you use it.

You will learn why strong emotions have such a powerful affect on you – and develop new ways of dealing with situations which allow you to be more creative and varied in your responses.

Please call us for more information about our workshops.