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Image of smoked cigarettes

in8 Techniques Help Smokers Stop

There is absolutely no point telling smokers about how bad smoking is for them.

They know this.

Every single smoker we’ve helped knows about the health risks, they know how much it costs, how it advances signs of aging, how their clothes smell and that their children are twice as likely to start smoking if they do.

This is not news to a smoker at all.

To successfully help smokers quit we help them find a personal reason to give up;  something that resonates with them that helps them stop on their own terms rather than because they are being pressured into it.

People rebel when they perceive that they are being forced into doing something but by finding and magnifying personal, meaningful reasons then they are much more likely to be successful in giving up cigarettes.

This is one of the techniques we use to help people to stop smoking.  Please contact us to find out how we can help you.