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The in8 update logoEvery week we will be talking about what’s been going on here at in8 and letting you know what topics we will be writing about in the near future.

We’ve been seeing quite a few couples over the past two weeks, all involving aspects of conflict but most importantly showing a desire to resolve issues and get on better.  It should be pointed out that couples doesn’t just mean husband and wife – it refers to any relationship between two people.  Next week I will be writing a blog post giving you an insight about our approach to helping resolve relationship issues.

Earlier in the week we dropped in on the Human Givens diploma course in Bristol and talked to 20 students about the Building Confidence as a Therapist workshop we are running in January.  We are gratified to see a number of people already showing interest in the workshop which is great news.

Our new in8 website seems to be attracting a number of interesting enquiries which is fantastic.

We’ve been using a new optical illusion at 4Networking and with clients that illustrates how any pre-existing patterns we have from prior experiences will tend to override our logical, rational processes.  We will be writing a blog post soon demonstrating how the optical illusion works and what it teaches us.

Finally, with New Year just around the corner, we will be preparing sessions to help people give up smoking as we know that many us will be wanting to quit and our approach is very successful.  More about that soon.