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Photo showing workplace stress

Alleviating Work Related Stress

Work related stress, according to the Health and Safety Executive, develops “because a person is unable to cope with the demands placed on them” which leads to illness which is linked with high levels of sickness absence, staff turnover, lower production levels and errors.

At in8 we run Wellbeing at Work training courses where stress in the workplace is dealt with but in a slightly different way.

Stress in reality means different things to different employees.  What is “stress” to one is “vital motivation” to another yet we all tend to assume that we all have the same understanding of what stress is.

At in8 we take an approach that redefines the meaning of stress.  We suggest that “stress” is what happens to employees when they are not getting what they need from their workplace. This includes things like attention, status, a sense of achievement, a sense of control, privacy etc.  These are needs that are built into every person – they are innate needs.

We are social beings and we have different reasons for coming to work (some work for status, some for achievement, some for friendship and so on) but the reason we do everything that we do (including coming to work) is essentially to get our innate needs met and we have evolved resources/capabilities in order to help us get these needs met.

We lead healthy and productive lives when we are making good use of these resources and in fact, our innate needs are our motivators.  When this is used as part of management practice employers get a highly motivated, creative, productive and resilient team.

Work related stress has no place in the workplace and is highly detrimental to employee wellbeing.  To find out more about how our Wellbeing at Work training programme can alleviate this problem please contact us.  Our methods are efficient, economic and effective.