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chocolateFollowing on from our last blog we thought it would be worthwhile sharing a few tips and ideas on keeping on track with your New Years resolutions.

1)   Be realistic. It’s easy to get carried away and try to make radical changes to multiple aspects of your life in one go. You give yourself a better chance of sticking to your resolution by being realistic with them.

2)   Plan and set goals. If you have a plan of attack and set goals you can break down what seems like big changes into smaller quick wins.


3)   Tell people what you are doing. Making your resolution public can sometimes help give you the will power to stick to it as it makes it seem more real and tangible. You can also use these people for support if you begin to struggle with your resolution.

4)   Stay focused on your desired outcome, this can take your mind off the journey getting there.

5)   Reward yourself. It is important to reward yourself, this can be tied in with the quick wins we suggested in point 2.

We hope you find these quick tips useful. Remember making small changes in your life can help balance and improve your mood, energy and well being greatly.

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