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image of 7-11 breathing technique

Beat Smoking Cravings by Breathing

As a smoker you have conditioned yourself to expect a nicotine rush at certain times or after certain events.  The first cigarette of the day, the one after a meal or the cigarette you smoke after leaving work are all examples of when your body expects nicotine.

When you stop smoking you will experience intense cravings for the first few days.  These cravings are normal and only last for about three minutes although for an ex-smoker at the beginning these three minutes seem to last a lot longer.

Breathing exercises are a perfect way to help beat these cravings, or at least help clear your mind whilst you are experiencing the three minute attacks and our 7-11 Breathing technique is an ideal exercise for you to perform.

Give it a go and congratulations on stopping smoking so far.  If you need further help on stopping smoking then please contact us.