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photo of a stressed woman

Stress and Communication Workshop

Last week Bindi ran one of our Wellbeing at Work workshops for NHS Staff aimed at reducing stress for staff and patients and improving communication between the two.

Bindi talked about how, in the current structure, the focus was on targets and why targets are used to prove that things were being done properly but illustrated that focusing on targets was like focusing on footsteps without looking at the destination.

Taking the destination as being the wellbeing of patients AND the staff, Bindi talked about how stress interferes with communication.  If a patient is feeling under stress their communication skills become impaired making them less able to talk about their feelings and needs.  This lack of being able to communicate properly leads to more stress and so a vicious cycle is formed.

One of the biggest things that the group seemed to take from the workshop was the 7-11 Breathing technique.  Everyone saw how using the technique could reduce their own stress levels and how teaching it to their patients would calm them and improve communication.

The group also enjoyed the part of the workshop that discussed the difference between male and female brains but that is a topic for another day!

If you have any questions about the workshops we hold that will improve wellbeing in your workplace please contact us. We can help.