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Dealing with Traumatic Issues

Here at in8, our approach is pro-active – we always try to look to the future when helping our clients and, unlike some other forms of therapy, we do not start by looking at what happened in our client’s past.  This is “Solution Focused Therapy” and as the name suggests the emphasis is on the solution and what is possible and changeable – not on what happened in the past.

Sometimes however looking at past trauma is unavoidable.  Our general approach is based of getting innate needs met but sometimes this doesn’t yield results because something is blocking it. This may be patterns of emotional or behavioural response which are due to earlier life experiences – and these patterns must be diffused before the client can move forward.  The experience could be traumatic, unhappy or unpleasant but without dealing with it the client’s current innate needs are unlikely to be satisfied.

It is essential to stress that we do not require our client to tell us the specific details of the trauma that is affecting them.  Quite often, retelling a painful experience only serves to re-embed the trauma and we want to avoid that at all costs.

In order to be able to address the trauma we need to we need to ask the client about their experience in a way that feels safe for them. What we do is ask the client to talk about what they feel comfortable with.  They know what they went through and for our treatment to be effective we only need them to apply labels to significant events and stages without the need to go into specific details.  With these signposts in place we can help them deal with the trauma.

The important thing is that the client must feel safe and the treatment is only carried out when he/she is in a state of deep relaxation.  This is essential if the treatment is to work because the fright, flight or fight emotions caused by the trauma has to be re-coded so that future situations which might previously have triggered a strong emotional response, now evoke a state of calmness.

Our techniques are very effective and efficient and because we do not need our clients to relive their experiences in a stressful way we find that we can quickly get to the root of their issue and very quickly show them alternative ways to deal with it which are realistic and practical.

Please call us if you have any more questions or would like to find out how we can help you.