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Improving Care for the Elderly

Basic care for the elderly in hospitals and care homes in England is still not good enough.

So says the findings of the Care Quality Commission’s (CQC) Dignity and Nutrition Inspection report released today.

The report found that:

[T]here were times when inspectors witnessed people not being given help to eat and drink or given personal care in a way that respected their privacy.

CQC chief executive David Behan said:

We found good care and care that had improved. However, it is disappointing people are still not being given enough privacy when receiving personal care and that they are left alone when they call for help.

When asked on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme if there was an immediate solution, Mr. Behan said that 

[T]here is an immediate requirement to put action plans in place, then the CQC can monitor these and check progress, and use sanctions or even fines.

Here at in8 we think that what is required is training in practical skills and techniques that will help staff understand and manage the needs of the elderly.  The training will also help staff understand and manage their own needs in the workplace.

in8 Wellbeing at Work courses are tailor made for hospitals, care/residential homes or any caring organisation and include:

  • Stress Management
  • Addressing dignity and respect
  • Language skills (using language that reduces stress and improves communication)
  • Looking at the needs of the elderly patient as a whole

in8 workshops are accessible, use the resources of everyone in the organisation but most importantly, the skills learnt in the workshop can be used immediately in the workplace ensuring that staff can transform a stressful experience for an older person into a supportive and caring one.

If you want more information about how our workshops can improve care for the elderly please call us. We can help.