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Photo of county hall

Depression in Trowbridge

We came to Trowbridge in 2006 in order to develop our counselling and therapy practice.  Trowbridge ticked many boxes for us: It’s the county town of Wiltshire, has good rail links and is near the Kennet and Avon Canal, a stretch of water that holds a special place in our hearts.

Over time we’ve come to realise that Trowbridge is a “marmite” town. People either love it or hate it and different people have different feelings for the place.

One of our clients came to us feeling depressed and the depression was about Trowbridge: The shops are closing down and many of the shops in the town are either charity shops or “cash converter” shops. He found Trowbridge depressing.

Another client on the other hand loves Trowbridge, especially the library which is an ambitious modern building with lots of light and space that our client liked being in.

I mention Trowbridge not because I’m knocking the town (we love living here) but because it serves to illustrate that there are two sides to everything and what people focus on makes a difference to how they feel.

It’s not what happens to us that does or doesn’t cause depression but how we respond to it.

Every depression is unique because no two people are the same which makes you wonder why we use the one label “depression” to cover everyone.  The reason is that every depression has similarities.

In recent years our understanding of depression has vastly improved and we now have the tools available to help clients overcome it.

We always focus on the positive and there are real reasons for doing so. Our prime role in helping people with depression is to foster a seed of hope and our aim is to help clients believe that good things can happen.

We work hard to find something that worked in a client’s life, something positive that they remember and we use this to leverage what’s not good in their life.

Put simply, we use what’s right to fix what’s wrong.

If you are living in the Trowbridge area and would like us to help you overcome your depression please get in touch with us.  We can help.