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photo from the wellbeing at work course held in Wiltshire

Wellbeing at Work Wiltshire Workshop

We had the pleasure earlier in the week of running a Wellbeing at Work Workshop for a Wiltshire based company.

For the workshop we were asked to give an introduction to wellbeing at work. Normally, when we go into a business or organisation we have an idea of the issues that maybe causing wellbeing problems. For example, a recent wellbeing at work workshop involved resolving communication issues within an organisation.

For the Introduction to Wellbeing at Work workshop we held this week we were invited to spend the afternoon with the staff and directors of the business. The aim of the workshop was:

  • To give the team a better understanding of wellbeing at work
  • To give the team practical insights which will improve wellbeing and communication in the workplace
  • Strengthen the team, reduce stress levels and improve productivity

The feed back we received was fantastic.  One of the team sent us an email saying:

Thank you very much for coming to our office and running the Introducing Wellbeing at Work workshop.  I found it fascinating to learn about how not having our innate needs met can effect how we view the workplace and the presentation on clear thinking was an eye-opener.

We felt that the workshop went very well indeed and we were encouraged by the feedback.  Giving an overview of what we do was a beneficial introduction to wellbeing at work for the business we visited and will more than likely lead to further, more targeted courses in the future.

If you would like more information about how we can improve wellbeing at work for your company please give us a call.