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Over the past ten years we have had many conversations with people about our approach to helping people. We have experienced a wide range of reactions including “oh – but isn’t that just common sense?” Sometimes people “get” how we work very easily, sometimes they remain politely skeptical.

So it has been very refreshing over the past week to have had several incredibly positive affirmations from people who previously knew very little about the human givens approach.

This has happened because we have been demonstrating the early prototypes of the in8 Cards resource pack to get feedback on how people might consider using it.

Feedback has been great. One person who works with kids who have been excluded from school could immediately see the benefits of using the system, not only with the children she teaches, but with work colleagues and family. She expressed a sense of excitement at being involved at this early stage of the project. Another woman could appreciate how it would help with parenting groups, schools and teenagers, pre-school groups, elderly care and families. Someone who has known about our approach for several years, but who has never fully shared our enthusiasm, came up with several ways to use the resource pack which included working with groups of women who have suffered domestic violence, as well as groups of teenage mothers.

What has been really interesting about these interactions over the past week is the rapid ease with which people have taken to using the ideas. We think this is largely because there is a world of difference between talking about things, and showing things. When people hold the cards in their hands and can spread them out and shuffle them around on a table or on the floor, something magical seems to happen in their understanding. We have known for years that different people have different learning styles. Some people assimilate ideas more easily when they are presented in visual form,  some prefer auditory form and those with kinaesthetic learning style interact better with movement and physical form. Our experience, however, is that almost everyone – regardless of their main learning style, seems to benefit from having images in a physical format.

We are now only two weeks away from receiving the first batch of in8 Card packs from the printers. Last week we approved the proofs, this week we approved the box. We anticipate having the first units on sale from 1st June. If the initial response is representational, we are in for some exciting times ahead!