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innate cards product

They have arrived!

We are delighted to announce that our new resource pack “in8 Cards” has arrived from the printers. This is a resource pack which you can use to give clarity to a wide variety of situations that involve people and relationships. It can help with decision making, problem solving, strengthening relationships, reducing stress and improving well-being.

The pack consists of a boxed set of 20 beautifully illustrated cards and an 80 page explanatory book. The cards are divided into two sets: the “resource” cards identify your innate resources or skills. The “needs” cards identify the innate needs of human beings. The book includes tips of how to use the cards and detailed descriptions of each card.

Initial feedback from those who have seen pre-production versions has been extremely positive and we are excited to discover how this new resource will be used to improve not only personal well-being, but also to lower stress and improve well-being in families and the workplace.

Get your own!

Why not call us now to order your own in8 Cards resource pack today? Alternatively, you will be able to order online from our web site from 1st June 2013. (NOTE: You can now find them for sale on this website here: in8 Cards)


This has been a team collaboration involving just about everyone we know! We would like to thank Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrrell for the organising ideas, Kathy and staff at the Human Givens College for providing the most valuable training we ever received, the Human Givens Institute for ongoing support, Laurie Stansfield for her amazing illustration skills, the team at Omni Media for their valuable design input, Barbara for inspiration, and the many friends, family and colleagues who helped with comments and proof reading of the book.

Update: You can now order in8 Cards online here: in8 Cards