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The Bigger Picture

Stress or Motivation?

We’ve had another hectic and, at times, stressful week here at in8. I admit that seeing clients can sometimes be stressful, but daily we see people making such positive changes to their health that our client work is usually enjoyable. No, the stressful parts of the week were all about getting everything coordinated for our forthcoming “in8 Cards” publication.

Getting It Right 

We are excited about this new resource and know that we want it to be just as beautiful as it will be useful. This week we approved the proofs for the printing of the booklet, the set of Cards and the box. When we embarked on our journey into publishing, I had little idea that we would need to liaise with quite so many different companies – and all apparently at the same time! Having a rather male brain, I am much more effective when faced with a single task than when I have a dozen phone calls to make and a permanently ringing phone. For me, last minute changes, phone calls, decisions, pushing others for a better result all constitutes stress!

So thank goodness for stress relieving techniques like 7-11 breathing – which I relied on for at least thirty minutes at the height of my anxiety this week.

The Power of Re-framing

But there are always different perspectives we can take on our problems – and I wouldn’t be much of a therapist if I couldn’t apply the advice which I so freely give out to my own situation! Putting your problems in a bigger frame can completely change their meaning. So lets look at it from a bigger perspective. Lets get the bigger picture. 


My word of the week has been “Contrast“. Looking at the situation from a larger perspective, my personal reframe for my own anxiety looks like this: The reason that I found events difficult was because of the contrast between what I was experiencing and my vision for how great the new resource will be when it is all complete and ready for sale. I really care about it being the best it can be. If I didn’t care so much – I wouldn’t have become so stressed. So when placed in a larger frame, my anxiety now becomes a reflection of how great the future is going to be. Things are now only as tough this week as they are going to be wonderful next week! I feel better already.

I don’t want to suggest that this simple reframe would work for everyone. The point is that it worked for me. At in8 we tailor everything we do to make things work for your own individual situation.

Practical and effective help really is available

So if you are struggling at the moment because you are anxious or depressed, addicted or phobic, angry, stressed or traumatised, please know that a) you are not alone and b) practical, effective help is available for you right now.

If you want to learn some simple coping skills, plan a route to better well-being and see the bigger picture please call us now to find out how we can help.