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Poor sleep is a factor common in all cases of depression

How can we be sure that we can help you?

There are probably as many different “depressions” as there are people struggling with depression. This shouldn’t be too surprising since no two people have exactly the same upbringing, life experiences, hopes and challenges. So if everyone experiences depression in a unique way – how can we be confident in suggesting that we can pretty much always help?

Common Factors

The answer lies in the fact that there are clear common factors operating in every case of depression. In fact we would suggest that some of these common factors underlie pretty much all cases of mental distress.


The first and most obvious factor is that of stress. Again, different people experience stress in different ways, but no one ever became depressed without undergoing either a highly stressful event or a prolonged period of time when they felt less than happy about their life. Stress can be either acute (as may be caused by a sudden life change), or chronic (as may be caused by an ongoing difficult situation). Feeling depressed is certainly a stressful experience in itself – which is one of the reasons that it can be so hard to rise above. Re-defining stress as “not getting the nourishment you need from your environment”, gives some clarity about the kinds of activities which might lead out of depression. This is one of the things we use the in8 Cards resource pack for.


The second factor which underlies every case of depression is the issue of poor sleep. If you are struggling with depression, it is likely that you wake up feeling exhausted, regardless of how many hours sleep you have had. Some people struggle to get enough sleep, waking in the early hours. Others sleep long enough but do not feel nourished or rested by the sleep that they get. It turns out that there is a clear connection between sleep and depression – so strong that it is now believed that Depression is related to an overload of the dreaming mechanism – see the ‘Why Do We Dream’ website. We can give you a clear explanation of exactly why and how your sleep is related to your condition. Armed with this knowledge we can also devise practical ways to help you overcome the debilitating effects of depression.

If this relates to your situation, and if you are either local to Trowbridge, or within reasonable travelling distance, why not call us now to discuss the next step in your recovery?