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A Sociable Week

Bindi and I have spent a lot of time this week connecting with people. Yesterday we visited the Wiltshire Business Expo 2013 at the Civic Hall in Trowbridge. It was good to meet up with a number of local business people who we know through various networking events such as 4Networking,, BNI and others. We made contact with Somerset Care and talked to people representing various local venues such as Holmwood Park near Freshford, Guyers House in Corsham and Bowood House near Calne – with a view to choosing a great venue to hold some of our new workshops.

We also enjoyed a wonderful evening at the Raj in Chippenham organised by Debbie Pepler of Peptalk. It was a noisy night but the curry was fabulous and the company even better. I also had a great meeting with a successful businessman who is acting as a mentor and helping me to focus on growing our business. 

Reflecting on the social aspects of our week, we noticed how balanced and grounded we both felt, simply because we had been out and about talking to a wide range of people. I spent the first part of the week creating a short video which will be visible on this website early next week. This took a lot longer than expected(!) and was quite a solitary exercise. By the end of the task I was going a bit stir crazy, and the balance of meeting up with other people helped me stay balanced.

The Importance of Community

This isn’t just a casual observation – as a species which is social by nature, human beings actually need regular connections to other people in order to thrive. If we try to live in isolation, we start to lack this vital nourishment and become stressed. This is analagous to a plant which is lacking sunlight – sunlight is one of the things that a plant needs to obtain from its environment in order to thrive. Humans need contact with other humans.

If you have had a stressful week, consider for a moment how much interaction you have had with other people. Of course, if there has been too much, then another of your innate needs – the need for privacy – may have been under threat. The secret is to find ways to get all of your innate needs met in balance.

If you feel you could benefit from practical help in how to do this, please contact us to see how we could help you.