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Photo of a workshop in progress

New Workshops

The latest edition of the Human Givens Journal (Volume 20, No 1) landed on my doorstep this morning. On page 27, I was delighted to see a short article about the new in8 Cards resource which we launched just a month ago. The response to this new tool has been enthusiastic and initial on-line sales from our website have been impressive.

Improving Well Being

We are happy to announce dates for a series of low cost workshops to teach and explore creative ways to use in8 Cards to improve well being. The workshops will be focussed on practical applications of this novel tool. Two workshops will be held on the third Friday of each month here at our base in Trowbridge. The three hour morning workshop will provide an introduction to in8 Cards with the focus on practical ways to use them personally and with individuals, whether they are family members, friends or clients. The afternoon workshop will focus on using the cards within groups and using them to further knowledge of the human givens approach.

Great Value

The cost of attending each of these workshops is only £35 per person – which includes your own set of in8 Cards normally priced at £24.95. If you already have your own set, then the workshop price is only £10. To attend both morning and afternoon workshops therefore costs a total of only £45 and includes a boxed set of the cards with an 80 page explanatory booklet.

We have also arranged to run two-hour mini-workshops at several Human Givens Peer group meetings later in the year. If you are an HG practitioner and want us to visit your local peer group, please contact us.


The remaining dates for 2013 are as follows:

  • Friday 20th September (Trowbridge)
  • Wednesday 9th October (Two hour evening workshop in Bristol)
  • Friday 18th October (Trowbridge)
  • Friday 15th November (Trowbridge)
  • Friday 20th December (Trowbridge)

What you will gain

Attending one of these workshops will give you new insights into how to live a well-balanced life, regardless of any challenges which you might face. If you work in the field of well-being, then you will discover a valuable and practical tool for helping others. We have found it such a useful way to look at situations for ourselves and our clients that we wish we could have had them ten years ago when we first started applying the human givens approach in our work.

Limited to small groups – so call us now!

If you are interested in this practical tool which you can start applying immediately, or in spreading knowledge of the human givens approach, then you really should contact us today to book your place on one of these fun and engaging workshops.

These workshops are for small intimate groups and places will be limited. So call Alec or Bindi now to secure your place on the workshop date of your choice.

We look forward to hearing from you and meeting you soon!