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Are You Coping?

How are you managing with this extremely hot weather? With the start of the summer holidays and children at home looking for things to occupy themselves, I am guessing that some parents may have felt quite challenged recently. When we feel under pressure it sometimes doesn’t take much for someone to “press our buttons” and for any of us to respond by “flipping our lid”.

The Hand Model of the Brain

Dan Siegel has a beautifully simple way of describing this mechanism in the above video. His practical and elegant “Hand Model of the Brain” says it all. We have had several clients recently who related to this way of understanding what happens when emotional arousal hijacks our ability to think rationally.

Perhaps this describes how you or your child responds in certain situations? When training in the human givens approach, we are exposed to the simple, yet profound idea that: “Strong emotions make human beings functionally stupid”.

(Please note: If you find yourself reacting emotionally to this statement, then please take a moment to consider whether it might have been specifically designed to illustrate a point).

Let’s Teach This To Our Children!

Simply sharing this explanation with our children may be enough to reduce disharmony in the home.

However, we also appreciate that things are not always as easy as this. If you have direct experience of scary or life-threatening situations, underlying unconscious patterns can be imprinted which need to be resolved before our automatic emotional response can be changed. If you, or your child suffer from over-reaction to events on a regular basis, we can help you discover new ways to avoid “Flipping Your Lid”. Call us to find out how.