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Mind-Body-SpiritThe Healing Weekend

We’ve been out and about recently. We spent a pleasant long weekend manning our in8 stand at The Healing Weekend event in Somerset. We took our geodesic dome tent and offered individual well-being sessions based around the use of our in8 Cards resource. Our tent has the wonderful facility to remove the centre of the roof – providing a shady spot to shelter from what was blistering heat.

This attracted people who wanted to escape the direct rays of the sun and we had many interesting conversations on a wide variety of topics.

A wide range of healing techniques were available to discover and explore, from  traditional techniques such as Reflexology to the more esoteric such as Colin and Olive’s Gong Baths (a totally unique and fascinating experience regardless of whether you approach it as a form of relaxation, a healing modality, or simply journey into an amazing landscape of sound!). We noticed that there were generally more activities which claimed a connection with “Spirit” than with with “Mind” or “Body” aspects of well-being and wondered if this is a reflection on people’s interests in general.

Whatever, your stance on a “Spritual” aspect of life – it seems clear that there is a growing recognition that there is more to life than the purely physical. The days of a purely mechanistic Newtonian description of the universe are surely numbered.

I heard an interesting argument recently on this subject. If you were to weigh someone who was dying both immediately before, and immediately after the point that life left their body – then there would be no difference in the two measured weights. This seems to imply that life itself has no physical mass – and it is a small step from this perspective to the idea that the essence of life itself exists in the non-physical realm.

Where’s was Boundary in the First Place?

People talk about the “Mind – Body connection”. Before you can talk seriously about such a connection, you have to be able to perceive the Mind and the Body as two distinct systems. The human body is amazingly complex. Every single cell is in communication with millions (billions?) of others. The human brain is the most complex single structure that we have discovered in nature. The brain stem branches out via the spinal cord to nerves which are connected in some manner to every single cell of of our bodies. Even our immune system has intelligence and the ability to learn from experience. The question which interests me is: before you talk about the connections between Mind, Body and Spirit, where do you draw the arbitrary lines which divide them in the first place?