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Card 5 - RapportThe 9:15 am Call

Back in 2012, when we first started using Omni Media to help us with our digital marketing they suggested that we write a blog entry twice each week. In the first few months Mike patiently held our hand and guided us through the process. We got used to expecting a phone call from him at 9:15 am every Tuesday and Friday morning. Mike has a lot of experience creating blogs and a way of asking questions that just teases out a relevant subject in just a few seconds.

Getting Stuck

This morning I reviewed what we have been busy on this week and realised that although it has been a busy and exciting week, I felt there was little new to blog about (Other than that we had the highest ever number hits on our website on Wednesday – entirely due to Tuesday’s blog entry! – This may be interesting to me, but is it worth shouting about?) So what pearls of wisdom could I dredge from the depths in order to share in today’s blog? I’m sure you are with the familiar process for getting stuck:

  • Step 1: Ask yourself a question (leads to…)
  • Step 2: Get no immediate answer (leads to…)
  • Step 3: Experience mild frustration (leads to…)
  • Step 4: Rising emotion leads to inability to think (leads to…)
  • Step 5: Back to Step 2.

A Way Out Of The Loop

One of the organising ideas that we use regularly at in8 is that we all have innate resources that we can often use to solve problems quickly and effortlessly. One of these capabilities is that of “Rapport” – the ability to connect with others. This involves copying, and mirroring other people to establish a connection with them before we start transmitting (speaking!) to them. If you have ever experienced what happens when you start a conversation with someone without having first “made the connection” – you will know what I am talking about! It’s about as effective as phoning a friend, but starting to talk before you have even dialled their number. There’s is a process at work here, and the fact that it is usually subconscious does not mean it isn’t important.

Baby showing tongue

A new born baby who has yet to learn about the world will automatically copy an adult who sticks his tongue out. This is because a human baby is genetically pre-programmed to copy people around it – at some basic level it knows that its survival depends on being able to create a connection with its parent(s). It has the innate capability of Rapport.

As adults we use this amazing skill all the time, often without being consciously aware of it. So, what is the relevance of this? 

What Would Mike Say?

Another way of using our innate ability of Rapport – is to “put yourself in someone else’s shoes”. So at 9:20 this morning while discussing ideas for the blog and my blank mental state with Bindi, I found myself saying “What would Mike say?”

Problem solved.

in8 can help you find ways of using your innate skills, resources, capabilities (i.e. stuff you already have!) to improve your wellbeing, relationships, family life, work productivity. Why not call us now to find out how we can help you.