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Achievement - in8 Cards

One of the cards from our “in8 Cards” resource pack

At Last – I Get It!

I have a strong sense of achievement this week. Its not really such a big deal, but it allows me that all-important feeling of “I’m really glad that I did that!” This feeling is an important form of nutrition for all of us – going without it for too long will cause any human being to feel stressed.

Two years ago I started using Twitter. But I have to admit, I didn’t really get it at all. It seemed to me that unless I was going to dedicate a significant chunk of my already busy life to it, it was unlikely to work for me. So after a few tweets I stopped using it in order to focus on ‘more important’ things.

This week I have figured out how to make Twitter work for me with minimal effort. And the best bit is that I can already see how it is going to benefit our business.


So what has changed? Well, the first is that I have realised that the way I used to use Twitter allowed me a misconception about what is possible. My previous experience, using a single browser window, was that unless I checked it on a regular basis, messages would scroll off into the void and I would miss things that I might want to see. I simply didn’t have time to be checking on a regular basis.

The second problem was that I didn’t really ‘get’ hashtags. Why? Because I had a limiting belief – the sort of thing we can all see far more readily in others, than in ourselves! This limiting belief was that: “There is a system, which I don’t fully understand”. I believed that there was something about using hashtags that I would need to research, or at least spend an hour looking up how they worked, how to set them, access them, make use of them. Now I can see that the reality is so simple that it hardly needs any explanation at all. There really is no system – just text strings within messages which happen to start with a # character.

The Solution

Bindi and I attended a Just Curry networking event recently in Chippenham, After hearing the inspiring story of how tweeting had helped @janeparenting develop her business, I thought I would give it a second attempt. So I put the hootsuite app on my smart phone and started to play with it. Within an hour I could clearly see how I could use this as a valuable tool to develop my business contacts. I could see how my assumption that “there was a system” – and that “I have not yet learned how to use the system” had been holding me back.

My new approach is much more like that of a child. Children do not yet have the pattern that “it may take effort / time / hurt” – or that “there is a system to be learnt” – they just go for it. To put it in modern “personal development language”, they have a “success mindset” – something I try to impart to clients of in8.

OK, I still have some stuff to figure out. This morning I got confused because some direct messages did not appear quite where I expected them to, and I don’t yet use “twitter lists” or know yet why I would want to. But that will come in time, I’m happy to know that I can probably get 80% of the possible benefit using 20% of the total functionality – and I’m  still careful how I prioritise my time!


I expect you have heard the quotation: “It’s not WHAT you know, it’s WHO you know”. (Actually this is two-thirds true since it should really say: “It’s not WHAT you know, it’s WHO you know, and WHO KNOWS YOU“). It is simply another way of stating that the biggest opportunities in life come from the people to whom you are connected.

If you relate to this idea and you don’t currently use Twitter, I recommend that you put aside whatever limiting beliefs you may be hanging on to – and have a play with hootsuite. It’s easier that you might expect. You can follow me at: @in8_uk_com