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in8 CardsBusy, Busy, Busy…

Its been a busy month here at in8. I took a mini-tour of the North East earlier in the month – giving workshops based around the use of the in8 Cards resource and meeting up with family, friends and colleagues. It was a successful trip and worthwhile in terms of strengthening connections, spreading the word about what we do and also in terms of sales – though also tiring. After running a cards workshop in Peterlee, I drove through what was probably the worst driving conditions I have ever witnessed. At one point the A19 road was closed both behind me and ahead of me. I am looking forward to a break over the next couple of weeks.

Human Givens in York

I visited Gail Rhodes and Jenny Waddington who run the York Human Givens Centre and was very impressed with their premises – and also the wonderful Pig and Pastry cafe which is next door!

… and more in Manchester

It was great to meet the members of the Manchester Human Givens Peer Group in Bolton and introduce them to the in8 Cards resource pack. It was particularly nice to meet with Phil Schofield who was on the same Human Givens Diploma course as Bindi and myself ten years ago in York. Kevan Owen is the group coordinator and I am very grateful to him for his hospitality and making all the arrangements.

in8 Cards 

The in8 Cards resource has been on sale now for six months and Bindi and I are delighted with how sales are progressing. Not everyone “gets” what this pack of cards and 80 page book is all about when they first see it. But every time we have an opportunity to demonstrate how to use it, we get a very positive response. We see this resource as a way of spreading some of the key principles on which the human givens approach is based to people who are interested in Well-Being, but not necessarily interested in therapy. We look forward to a time when they are used extensively in Education, Carers organisations, 

In 2014 we hope to run even more workshops based around the in8 Cards well-being resource. We wish everyone a happy Christmas and New Year.

Alec & Bindi