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Spread of in8 CardsFor the past six months, we have been running single-day workshops based on using the “in8 Cards” well-being resource pack. These have usually been on the third Friday of each month – but this weekend we ran our first Saturday workshop and I am delighted to say it was a great success. We will be announcing more Saturday workshop dates in the very near future.

Diversity of the Groups

This Saturday we had people with a diverse mix of backgrounds: therapists, coaches, a pastor, teacher, hypnotherapist, Carer and human resources specialists. Some already had some knowledge of the human givens approach, some had very little prior knowledge.

Positive Feedback

The feedback we received indicates that people enjoy the diversity of the group and the opportunities to learn from other’s experience and backgrounds. I was particularly please to see this tweet:

in8 Cards Workshop Tweet

and this one from the previous workshop…

in8 Cards Workshop Tweet

From Kitchen Table to World Class Product

We have been using “Needs Cards” with various workshop groups for many years. The first home-made cards had relatively simple images and we printed them, cut them out on the kitchen table and laminated them with plastic. Several clients reported that they  found using them a really valuable experience, and asked if they could buy their own sets of cards – so we decided to “do the job properly”. Last year we published the in8 Cards Well-being resource pack. I remember the excitement of being allocated the ISBN number and receiving Joe Griffin’s recommendation.

Joe Griffin Recommendation

The Future

It is always a delight to witness someone experiencing a “Lightbulb” moment – when they recognise how an innate need has been influencing them in a particular life situation. We are passionate about bringing this simple, yet potentially life-changing model of well-being from the world of psychotherapy and out into wider the community. The need is there and it feels like the world is ready to understand and utilise these powerful ideas.

We are also looking forward to the forthcoming Human Givens Conference on 14th and 15th June where will have a stand showing the in8 Cards.

If you would like to attend one of our in8 Cards Workshops – please contact us to reserve your place.