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This weekend, Bindi and I had a great two days running the first “Building Confidence as a Therapist” master class of 2014. We love running this course but have recently changed the way we run it. In the past we have rented conference facilities in Bristol or Bath and run the course with groups from 12 to 20 in size. However, spurred on by the success of our monthly “in8 Cards” workshops, we are now running the “Building Confidence” course from our base in Trowbridge. This allows us the flexibility to run smaller, more intimate groups where we can specifically tailor the course to the needs of those attending.

We are delighted that the feedback from this weekend was wonderfully positive.

Here is an example:

However much you feel you’ve understood everything and have it “under you belt” after the Diploma – this course will encourage you even further and clarify all you need to know regarding achieving level 3

Not everyone who has passed their Diploma in Human Givens Psychotherapy will need to attend this course. Some people will already feel sufficiently confident about making and submitting their videos of client-sessions for their Part III video assessment. However, we know that some newly qualified HG therapists feel they need extra encouragement and some clarification about exactly what is expected. This course is designed to help those who feel they need that extra help. 

The dates of the next “Building Confidence as a Therapist” master classes can be seen at the bottom of our workshops page.