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Card 20 - Privacy

Card 20 – Privacy
One of the cards from the
in8 Cards Well Being
Resource Pack

We’ve been away…

I regret that it has been a while since I last posted in this blog. I have lots of reasons (excuses?) including enjoying the holiday of a lifetime (hurray!) as well as suffering major IT problems following the transfer of our website and emails to a new server (boo!). Bindi and I are refreshed from our holiday and are hopeful that our IT problems are now resolved and we are looking forward to new opportunities in 2015 – so on to the topic of privacy.

The New Year

Christmas and the New Year period can lead to the extremes of “excess family contact” for some and to extreme loneliness for others. Now that all the celebrations are over and we are faced with the darkest weeks of winter, it is interesting to note how well our innate need for privacy is being met.

What Does Privacy Mean to You?

We all need time to stand back and reflect – and usually we do this best while we are on our own. What does “privacy” mean to you, and do you get enough / too much of it? There have been one or two days over the past two weeks when I simply had to ignore my phone / Facebook / emails in order to stay sane. Now that I am engaged in looking to the possibilities of the New Year, I fell less needy of “me time” and am able to reach out to make contact with more people. A definition of stress is “our natural reaction to not getting enough of some nourishment that we need”. I certainly feel stressed if too many of my days are planned in great detail (affecting my need for control) or if I am required to spend too many days in social situations (I recognise that my own need for privacy can be great!)

Its great to know that I can reduce my own stress quickly and easily by looking objectively at my innate needs and prioritising those which are currently out of balance.

If you would like a tool to help you do this for either yourself, or for others – then why not come along to one of our in8 Cards Workshops? Dates for 2015 can be seen here. Just contact us if you want to register your place.