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Last week I gave a talk to members of the Wiltshire Business Club. It represented a shift towards a new direction for me because, for the first time, I decided to include my love of guitar playing in my presentation – and included a short performance of a (particularly tricky!) instrumental piece written by the astounding American guitarist “Johnny A”. The theme of my talk was to show how using each one of our innate skills (capabilities, resources) can help us to overcome any obstacle – even those that at first sight may seem impossible.

I used the in8 Cards well-being resource to illustrate how each one of our innate resources can be utilised to help us overcome any challenge or obstacle that life throws at us. These innate skills or resources are common to ALL human beings as follows:

  • Rational Thinking – our innate ability to thing rationally.
  • Imagination – our innate ability to envisage the future.
  • Memory – our innate ability to learn.
  • Pattern Matching – the way our brain makes sense of the world through matching patterns of perception.
  • Rapport – our natural ability to connect with other people.
  • Dreaming – our dreaming brain resolves uncompleted patterns of emotional arousal.
  • Emotions – our innate (e)motivation system – which can also hijack our thinking if given free reign!
  • Observing Self – our innate ability to stand back and see the bigger picture.


The talk was well received and as a ‘finale’ I managed to play the piece live without any major errors. I used a backing track that I had prepared using a drum machine and a bass line that I pre-recorded. I also used my wonderful Gibson Custom Shop “Johnny A Signature” guitar. My performance was recorded and posted to Facebook live but unfortunately I can’t show it here because the Facebook page for the Wiltshire Business Club is private and only available to members.

I have always loved playing guitar – so after this success, it might set a trend for my future presentations – watch this space!

And here is my performance of the same piece as recorded in my home studio.

Thanks for watching – and don’t forget to keep breathing!