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What’s in a name?

in8 uses “the human givens approach” in everything that it does. However, there has always been debate about the name “Human Givens”. On the positive side, it encourages people to question what it means.

On the negative side, many are lazy and dismiss it out of hand – simply because they don’t recognise it (yet!) But as anyone who has studied the subject will know, the name is merely a container for something which carries huge value – and knowing the difference between the container and the content is key. The human givens approach is described as a “truly bio-psycho-social approach which incorporates the most effective therapeutic techniques, neuroscientific findings and newly-devised interventions, and focuses on achieving positive outcomes for clients as quickly as possible.”

Why we changed our name

The business that Bindi Gauntlett and I run used to be called “Wiltshire Human Givens”, but we experienced so many negative and confused reactions to this name that we eventually rebranded as “in8” (using innate skills to enrich life). This name carries the same connotations (at least to my mind!) as “human givens” since it suggests that humans share innate needs and innate resources – they are a given of human nature. The good news is that people ‘get’ the new name. The bad news is that it does little to promote the human givens approach.

So, in order to declare our allegiance with the human givens approach and ‘keep the flag flying’ I have decided to include the following graphic with all future blog posts – and I encourage any other HG bloggers to do the same in order to raise the profile of HG.

Use this graphic

Here is a link to the larger graphic:

And here is a smaller one: