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Since we pioneered the in8 (innate) approach to wellbeing five years ago we have focused on how to help people face to face. Over the last winter, we have surveyed, collated, and evaluated our work. Many of you very kindly responded to our surveys, and we have been hard at work making sure that or next offerings will really work for you. We are determined to find the best way to support you and we hope you will be thrilled with what we are planning – especially the forthcoming “in8 Cards Video Library”.

We are totally obsessed with our vision to get together everything we have learned through working with hundreds of people. We will soon be offering this knowledge in a way that can help many many more people to get relief from anxiety and stress in a way that is easier than ever before.

If you share our vision of an elegantly simple way to reduce stress this is the opportunity you have been waiting for. Please click one of the buttons below to make sure that you don’t miss the opportunities coming up over the next couple of weeks!

In order for us to help to serve you most effectively, please let us know whether you are already familiar with the in8 Cards well-being resource pack.