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About us – in8

Alec and Bindi and the story behind the cards

Hello and welcome to in8

Alec and Bindi are both Human Givens psychotherapists that run a private practice based in Trowbridge, Wiltshire. We help clients who struggle with anxiety due to a wide range of issues including depression, addiction, phobias and trauma.

We qualified in 2003 and have, between us, over 30 years experience helping others.

We recognised that whatever the presenting issue, anxiety is a common concern for all of our clients. We also realised that we needed a practical tool to help our clients understand why they were stressed, and to figure out what they could do about it.

The fundamental ideas* which underpin our therapeutic approach are powerful, effective, evidence-based, and help our clients to make rapid progress.

In 2013, with this in mind, we created a resource based upon these ideas that we could use with our clients – in8 Cards. This proved to be so effective that we started training other practitioners to use these cards as well as helping people to use them for themselves on a personal level. In doing so, we witnessed many therapists, coaches, teachers and mentors transform their practice, helping more of their clients to live more fulfilled and stress-free lives without the need for complex language, medication or long term support. The revised edition of in8 Cards is now known as Anxiety Freedom Cards

Prior to training as psychotherapists and building our own practice, we both worked in healthcare in both the NHS and complementary medicine. Recognising that far more people needing help than could be helped by the NHS, or the voluntary sector or private practice, we recognised the need to offer resources help many, many more people to overcome stress, anxiety and depression.

We have trained businesses, NHS staff and voluntary organisations as well as psychotherapists and counsellors.

We have both personally overcome some emotional health issues and had family members who struggled with extreme anxiety and chronic depression. We now enjoy a rich life as parents, step-parents and grandparents.

* The approach that we use is known as the human givens approach


Alec Stansfield – FHGI, BSc(hons), HG.Dip.P

Alec holds a diploma in Human Givens therapy and is a Fellow of the Human Givens Institute. He achieved a distinction in the first Advanced Human Givens course held in 2006.

He has always been interested in patterns – in music, art, relationships and life. For many years he earned a living by recognising and building patterns in data using computer technology. He was the first full time Managing Director of the McTimoney College of Chiropractic.

A brief period of depression following divorce in 1996 triggered his curiosity about depression. When first exposed to human givens ideas he was excited to find a solid and scientific framework for understanding human behaviour – the key element being that we perceive and understand the world by pattern matching each experience to our own internal patterns. Now he is applying his interest in patterns to working with people, to help them achieve their own goals. He is a dedicated father, keen musician and guitarist and holds DBS clearance.


Bindi Gauntlett – FHGI, HG.Dip.P

Bindi holds a diploma in Human Givens therapy (Parts 1,2 & 3), is a Fellow of the Human Givens Institute and achieved a distinction in the Advanced Human Givens course. She has a General Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice (GQHP).

She started training in human givens in 1997 and has had a lifelong interest in health, previously working as a Nurse and a Health Visitor. Throughout her life and career she has lived and worked with many situations that have been painful or difficult. She has an intuitive understanding of emotional, physical, mental and spiritual health and believes that through an holistic approach we all have the ability to change patterns of health and behaviour for the better.

Bindi is particularly interested in all aspects of parenting and holds DBS clearance.