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Anxiety Freedom Cards

for anxiety free living!

A simple, engaging and highly effective way to help yourself, those you support and to grow your business.


What can this valuable tool do for you?


Gives you insights into managing your own anxiety. Gets others talking about those things that really matter in life and helps them to quickly identify the next steps they need to take to reduce their own stress and anxiety.


Works with everyone, whatever their age, gender or culture. Helps even the most stuck individuals to open up quickly.

Easy to use

Easily integrates with your existing practice. Fits well alongside any kind of solution focused intervention, talking therapy, body work, personal development, coaching or spiritual exploration.

Saves time

Helps people to focus on their real issues rather than on their relationship with you, which actually helps to build the relationship more quickly. This is particularly valuable when working with those who struggle to engage.

Simple to use

But also helps people with really complex issues. People tell us that it makes their work easier and more fun. Guaranteed to generate lively discussion in any group setting.

Caroline describes her first experience of the cards as a “life-changing epiphany”

Catriona describes her first experience of the cards as “spellbinding”

in8 has worked closely with the midwives at Salisbury district hospital, training teams in effective ways to support women’s emotional health and well-being.

We have also provided therapy for mothers who have suffered from difficult childbirth, post traumatic stress disorder, post natal depression, peri-natal psychosis and still-birth.

Suffolk Mind is a mental health charity who asked us to train all of their staff in using in8’s cards.

They now use our cards in many of their regular training programmes.

A paper was recently published in the International Journal of Personal, Social and Emotional Development “Pastoral Care in Education”.

The paper was authored by Cathy Atkinson (and also: George Thomas, Natasha Goodhall, Laura Barker, Isabella Healey, Lucy Wilkinson and Jenny Ogunmyiwa) and is titled: “Developing a student-led school mental health strategy”. This paper references the use of in8 Cards by educational psychologists.

Sari Vanska uses in8 Cards in her workshops in the corporate sector.

She also runs regular workshops for Carers at the Ammerdown centre in Somerset. She describes working with the cards as “mindblowing”.

Click this link to watch a video interview with Sari and Alec from in8.


What do you get?

(No, the iPhone & glass of water are not included! They are shown here to give an idea of the size!)

Joe Griffin

This is what Joe Griffin (Psychologist and co-founder of the human givens approach) says about in8’s Cards:

“This creative and practical tool can help individuals and groups learn how to improve the quality of their lives”

26 beautifully illustrated large format (A5) cards – suitable for your own personal development as well as face to face sessions with individuals and group settings so that you can quickly engage your clients.

8 Resource cards – illustrating the innate resources / skills / capabilities that we all share – so that you can remind your clients of their own innate abilities.

Eight resource cards

12 Needs cards – illustrating the innate needs common to all human beings – so that you can help your clients identify any sources of anxiety.

Twelve needs cards

7 Information cards – a “what else?” card and others that can be used to teach the “Needs Model of Well-being” and “Black and White Thinking” so that you can help your clients to understand their own reactions. Plus an extra card with scan-able links to download your 80 page reference book as a PDF file so that you can quickly get up to speed using the cards.

Seven information cards

Cotton drawstring bag – all contained in a 100% cotton drawstring bag so that you can easily take them anywhere. 

Reference book – Immediate download access to 80 page Anxiety Freedom Cards reference book in pdf format (A5 size). The book gives a full explanation of how to use the cards with your clients, and a full explanation for each and every card complete with examples and stories. It includes a summary of the needs model of well-being, suggestions for different ways of using the cards personally, with individuals and with groups.

Anxiety Freedom Cards Book Download

Training – The reference book which is included gives plenty of suggestions for getting started with the cards so that you can start using them straight away.

But if you want to go deeper, our free training video series and our membership programme will take your practice to the next level.

If you are new to the cards, or just want to find out more about how they can be used, you can access our FREE video training series.

Our 8 hour video-based self study Online in8 Cards Workshop will help you get started using the cards today! And you also get three months free access to the illuminate app (have the cards on your phone, tablet, laptop!)

Join the in8 membership programme to get the digital online version of the cards as well as the illuminate app (which provides the cards on your phone, tablet or laptop screen) plus access to the private members Facebook group.


What’s the story?

Alec and Bindi – in8

These cards are inspired by the human givens approach and were developed by Alec Stansfield and Bindi Gauntlett who are both Fellows of the Human Givens Institute (HGI). They have, between them, thirty years’ experience of using the approach to help people in all walks of life. This innovative tool is a practical aid to teach one of the fundamental human givens organising ideas in a “physical” hands-on way. A key motivation was the observation that many people can benefit hugely from understanding this model, regardless of whether they are interested in, or involved with any kind of therapy.

Having something physical to hold in your hands, spread out on a desk, move around, sort, or place in separate piles seems to help people relate to and understand the concepts much more easily and in much more depth than when the ideas are simply discussed.

The illustrations are by the renowned illustrator Laurie Stansfield who from a young age was immersed in the organising ideas that underpin human givens knowledge and skills.

How others are using the cards

The many different ways that innovative people like you are already using these cards to improve well-being

Marion Brown is a psychotherapist who specialises in relationship and mediation work and is campaigning for better understanding of the effects of antidepressants.

In this “Ask the Expert” human givens podcast she recommends the use of in8’s cards, saying “They are fantastic in all sorts of contexts, as a way in to help people quickly…” (She talks about the cards at about 3.5 minutes into this podcast.)

The charity “Brass For Africa” are using in8 Cards with street kids in Kampala, Uganda.

Frances Torrington kindly sent in8 pictures of their workshops

Doulas of North America (DONA) trainer Penny Bussell uses in8 Cards in her training courses for doulas.

She says that the cards bring colour and a new dimension to her workshops and help to make them more fun.

She believes that the cards are a very useful tool for educators in general.

Watch a video interview with Alec from in8 and Penny by clicking here.

Alec is a psychotherapist who uses in8 Cards with his clients. He is a Fellow of the Human Givens Institute and, like all qualified human givens therapists, helps his clients to get their innate needs met in balance by utilising their innate resources.

He says: “The cards are a great catalyst for getting conversations started about those things in life that really matter. They help my clients get great clarity about what needs to change in their lives in order to reduce stress and anxiety and move from merely surviving to truly thriving.”

Why choose in8?

We have a proven track record in applying the human givens approach to improve lives

Proven track record: in8’s cards have been helping people for more than 5 years.

in8’s cards help improve services by auditing the service and saves organisations money by reducing stress.

1000s of satisfied health, welfare and educational professionals have already bought our cards and attended our online and offline courses.

Bindi and Alec (the founders and tutors at in8), have between them 30 years experience in using this approach.

You will gain “aha” moments and recognise how this is a truly bio / psycho / social model that fits with your own life experience.

Practical, informative and fun. Every time you explore the resource with someone you will come up with fresh inspiration and ideas.

All training and resources are presented in clear, jargon-free language making the resources suitable for working with everyone from aged 4 – 104.

You can engage with in8 at your own convenience and pace. We have some simple, free resources to supplement your work or some more high level, supported courses if you want to bring this into being a significant part of your work and income.

At in8 we work in an outcome informed way always taking on board the needs of the people we work with (well we would wouldn’t we!)

Continued Professional Development (CPD) certificates are issued on completion of our professional courses.

Become part of a growing community of professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds reducing stress and anxiety and improving clear thinking.

The approach used by in8 is based upon organising ideas that underpin the human givens approach. This is a school of psychology and an approach to effective, brief, solution focused therapy which is taught by the human givens college.

“Croydon Drop In” is a charitable organisation that exists to support young people aged 11 to 25 years old and families who live, work or study in the london borough of Croydon.

They use in8 Cards in their work supporting young people.

Why do I need them?

Join hundreds of other practitioners who are making a positive difference by helping their clients understand how to thrive.

Ideal for personal development. Check whether you are utilising ALL of your innate resources. Identify sources of stress or anxiety by auditing your own innate needs.

If your work involves face-to-face sessions, these cards provide a sound basis for conversations about emotional wellness and give practical ideas about how you help your clients.

The cards remind you to get your own emotional needs met and help you talk to your loved ones about minimising stress.

Using the cards is easy to learn, you can ‘check in’ to see how they work for you before you use them for others.

You can learn how to use the resources at a pace that works for you.

If you are a teacher you can bring it in as (one card a day) daily practice for your class.

Success stories…

We are delighted to hear from so many of our customers who are using the cards in creative and innovative ways.

Mark Veary trained as an HG therapist but is now working as a coach and stress management trainer – he uses in8 Cards as a tool to introduce the givens of human nature to his US audience.

Penny Bussell uses in8 Cards in her work as a Doula training Doulas under DONA in the US, Penny and her students say – they are great fun to use.

Bindi Gauntlett has used the cards with groups of carers and parents. Just by introducing one card a week the group starts talking about what really matters both for themselves and for their families.

Adrian Chase uses the cards with every client in his coaching practice and gets his clients to ‘spill the beans’ about what they need in their lives and businesses.

Kerry Connolly, with a long career in the NHS as a health visitor and a qualified psychotherapist is using the in8 Cards resources to work with groups of people suffering mental distress in deprived areas in the North of England.

Jenny Edwards has used the cards for many years in her work with groups of people struggling to reclaim their lives as they recover from alcohol and drug dependency.

The first time Gilli Harrison used the cards in her long established counselling practice she was delighted to report back that the cards “do most of my work for me”.

Suffolk Mind use in8 Cards widely in their work helping their clients improve emotional health and well-being. They invited in8 to train all of their staff in the effective use of the cards.

Frances Torrington has taken the in8 cards to use as part of her charity work in Uganda. Where she teaches young men who have been homeless how to meet their emotional needs as they rebuild their lives.

Sari Vanska uses in8 resources to promote her own business supporting other businesses to change, by recognising the needs(motivators) and resources that all humans share.

Marion Brown uses the cards in her group work to support people to overcome depression without using drugs.

Sian Griffiths uses in8 cards as a resource on her meditative retreats.

Alec Stansfield has used these ideas in workshops with Revenue Protection Officers within a national transport company.