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Imagination – the Power Tool

Smoking Doesn’t Help You Relax!

One of the things I often hear from smokers that want to stop smoking is that smoking helps them relax and as an ex-smoker myself I can completely agree. Sort of. It isn’t that smoking helps you relax (nicotine after all is a stimulant and increases brain...
Imagination – the Power Tool

Breathe to Beat the Cravings

As a smoker you have conditioned yourself to expect a nicotine rush at certain times or after certain events.  The first cigarette of the day, the one after a meal or the cigarette you smoke after leaving work are all examples of when your body expects nicotine. When...
Imagination – the Power Tool

Two Changes to Help Stop Smoking

If you are in the process of giving up smoking then congratulations. You have made a huge step already. Here are two simple changes that will help you along the way: 1.  Change Your Diet A new study has found that some foods such as meat make cigarettes taste great...
Imagination – the Power Tool

Techniques to Help Smokers Stop

There is absolutely no point telling smokers about how bad smoking is for them. They know this. Every single smoker we’ve helped knows about the health risks, they know how much it costs, how it advances signs of aging, how their clothes smell and that their...