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The illuminate Professional Programme

The illuminate Professional Edition is a powerful tool which will improve the quality of the lives of your clients. It stimulates conversations about the things that really matter, and helps your clients focus on the essentials for living a fulfilled life.

It contains full access to the in8 Cards Video Library, as well as videos, information and downloadable resources (printable handouts and a Powerpoint presentation) which you can use when working with your clients and with groups.

In the following short video I describe the benefits of the illuminate Professional Edition.

This programme provides a new perspective for understanding how to take practical steps in order to move from merely surviving to fully thriving. Wherever your starting position, this approach will give your clients fresh insights into how to understand their motivations and reactions to everyday situations.

If you have studied the “human givens approach” then you will already be familiar with the idea of innate needs and resources, but this programme will take the way you apply this knowledge for the benefit of your clients to another level.

If you are not yet familiar with the “human givens approach”, this will give you a deep understanding of one of the fundamental organising ideas which underpins the approach. And you will be able to integrate this model seamlessly into the approaches and interventions that you already use.

Here are some of the ways that you will benefit from the illuminate programme. It will help you to:

  • understand yourself and your clients at a deeper level, understand motivations, innate resources, and the things that sometimes hold us back from the life we truly deserve.
  • understand the behaviours of your clients and others close to you and at work.
  • help your clients to understand their own behaviour and make positive changes.
  • help your clients make small steps to improve their lives – with the confidence that goes with knowing for certain that these steps are in the right direction.
  • improve relationships.
  • improve performance – whatever that means in terms of your own or your client’s priorities.
  • effectively share these insights with other people – family, friends and clients.

The Professional Edition includes two workbooks, each with over 50 pages containing detailed illustrations, information, exercises and active links. These are usually supplied as downloadable .pdf documents, but the launch offer also includes FREE posted, printed versions. The programme is incredibly flexible – you can choose either to work step-by-step through the workbooks, or you can access the various modules rapidly from the intuitive navigation menu.

Click the image to find out more about the illuminate Personal Edition Workbook

Click the image to find out more about the illuminate Professional Edition Workbook

The video library provides all the benefits of the in8 Cards well-being resource pack on your phone, tablet, laptop or computer screen. It contains over 5 hours of videos, with separate videos exploring each of the 8 innate resources and 12 innate needs of human beings, information on how to use this approach for your own personal development.

The Professional Edition also includes topics focused on helping you use these resources with clients and in group settings. If you intend to use this programme with your own clients, or in your own workshops, then we strongly recommend also purchasing a set of in8 Cards. (Please note that the special launch offer also includes a FREE set of “in8 Cards – supplementary cards“). This is because, while having the images and videos on your own phone or tablet is great for personal use, sharing the ideas with others is greatly enhanced by having the physical set of cards to spread out on a table, sort into piles, or generally use as the focus for conversations.

The following video modules (which are all components of the Personal Edition of the in8 Cards Video Library) are also included in the Professional Edition.

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