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7-11 Breathing Technique DocumentDo you suffer from anxiety, nerves, or shortness of breath?

Are you terrified of having another panic attack?

Do you struggle to get to sleep or get back to sleep after waking in the middle of the night?

Do you get anxious in social situations, when meeting new people, or driving to a new place for the first time?

You might be interested to know that there is a simple breathing technique called “7-11 Breathing” which can dramatically reduce the symptoms of anxiety without the need for medication or a degree in psychology.

It is quick to learn, remarkably effective and FREE!

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We in the Western world seem to have forgotten how important controlled breathing can be to our mental and physical well-being. The following disciplines all place attention on correct breathing:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Tai Chi
  • Qi Gong
  • Martial Arts

7-11 breathing can be a great help (no matter what state you are in) if you are . . .

  • Feeling stressed
  • Struggling with panic attacks
  • Having difficulty sleeping
  • Having difficulty concentrating
  • Feeling agitated or anxious
  • Suffering from “nerves” or anxiety

We have been teaching this technique for over fifteen years because it can be such a powerful tool for recovery.

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7-11 Breathing Technique Free Download

“I used to suffer from panic attacks and nothing seemed to help until I discovered the 7-11 breathing technique! Now I know that I can cope and even though I still dislike crowded shopping centers, with just five minutes of 7-11 breathing I feel a lot calmer and in control” – Vicky, Wiltshire


Click here to see more resources that help with 7-11 Breathing.

Lowering the symptoms of stress

Making each “out” breath last longer than each “in” breath has the effect of stimulating the body’s natural relaxation mechanism by activating the parasympathetic nervous system. A simple and effective way to do this is to use a simple counting method whilst paying attention to your breathing. Breath using your diaphragm while counting from one to seven on each in-breath and from one to eleven on each out-breath.


“Thank you so much for your 7/11 breathing CD. I have used a variant of 7/11 breathing for quite a while which I have found very helpful when needed. I could however never quite get the counting ‘right’. I have found with the  CD that it is really easy to do and have found the 20 minute breathing sessions done on a regular basis a really good preventer of stress symtoms. It is brilliant – a very high class and superior product which really makes a difference.” Sarah Moliver – GP


Why not try our 7-11 Breathing Audio Download? Here is a sample . .



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7-11 Breathing Animation

This animated image shows a typical breathing speed.

Try this. You can do it anywhere – in bed, on a bus or the train, even whilst walking – but avoid doing it when you are driving or operating machinery because it will make you feel drowsy.


“I discovered the 7-11 Breathing technique at an in8 workshop and have used it very successfully to cope with my teenage son who is hyper-active. He also uses it (when he remembers!) and our house is now a much calmer place to live.” – Doreen, Bath




Please try this technique for yourself.

You may be able to follow these instructions easily. However, many people find it much easier to learn it from a person, face to face, rather than from instructions. We often teach this and other techniques during therapy sessions. We recommend trying it for yourself but don’t give up if it seems too hard or seems not to work. Learning it face to face can be very much more effective.


7-11 Breathing is just one step in helping towards mental and physical well-being. At in8 we have a range of techniques and resources (such as the “Anxiety Freedom Cards” well-being resource pack) so contact us now for more information about how we can help you.


“I was originally taught the 7-11 Breathing technique to cope with a birth trauma and since then I have used it throughout my second pregnancy, through labour and throughout my children’s baby and toddler years. It has helped me to remain calm and in control when I most needed it.” – Sally, Salisbury


7-11 Breathing Technique Document

Does your work involve helping others?

If you already teach your clients the 7-11 Breathing Technique, you will probably have noticed that those who need it most (people who are struggling with anxiety) are also the very same people who are least likely to remember the steps for mastering the technique – precisely because chronic anxiety affects our ability to remember things.

So we have developed these handy credit card sized reminders of this technique. Please visit this page if you would like some to give to your clients!