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Using in8 Cards to Help Your Clients – Online Masterclass

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This masterclass takes you through everything you need to know in order to use the in8 Cards and Anxiety Freedom Cards Well-being Resources to improve the lives of your clients, friends or family. The cards are beautiful, easy to use and extremely effective in helping people to choose where to focus their attention over the next few days or weeks in order to make positive improvements in their life.

Watch what others say about this masterclass:

If you have studied the “human givens approach” then you will already be familiar with the idea of innate needs and resources, but this programme will take the way you apply this knowledge for the benefit of your clients to another level.

If you are not yet familiar with the human givens approach, this will give you a deep understanding of one of the fundamental organising ideas which underpins the approach. And you will be able to integrate this model seamlessly into the approaches and interventions that you already use.

Here are some of the ways that you will benefit from this online masterclass. It will help you to:

  • make your client work easier and more fun (seriously – this is what our customers tell us!)
  • understand yourself and your clients at a deeper level, understand motivations, innate resources, and the things that sometimes hold us back from the life we truly deserve.
  • understand the behaviours of your clients and others close to you and at work.
  • help your clients to understand their own behaviour and make positive changes.
  • help your clients make small steps to improve their lives – with the confidence that goes with knowing for certain that these steps are in the right direction.
  • improve relationships.
  • improve performance – whatever that means in terms of your own or your client’s priorities.
  • effectively share these insights with other people – family, friends and clients.

The video library provides all the benefits of the in8 Cards Well-being Resource on your phone, tablet, laptop or computer screen. It contains nearly three hours of videos, with separate videos exploring each of the 8 innate resources and 12 innate needs of human beings.

The following videos are included with the “Using in8 Cards to Help Your Clients” masterclass:


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are inspired by the
human givens approach

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Available dates:

Friday 21st & Friday 28th June 2019 (Two half days), Friday 6th & Friday 13 Sept 2019 (Two half days), Saturday 21st & Sat 28th September 2019 (Two half days), Friday 8th & Friday 15th November 2019 (Two half days)


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