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Therapy session with Alec

I am here to help you find an effective solution to whatever challenges you currently face. Regardless of what has brought you to this point, I will help you to discover a permanent resolution as quickly, cheaply and effectively as possible. A one to one session with me might be just what you need.

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I can help you overcome any difficulties with thinking, no matter what the label or diagnosis. More specifically, I help you choose what to focus on over the next week or two in order to make significantly positive changes in your life. I specialise in helping you with any situations in which your actions or emotions are not consistent with what you really desire. Here are some examples:

* You may feel stuck in a state of anxiety or depression and be unsure how to move on,

* You may find yourself reacting with excessive fear or anger in certain situations,

* You may feel that a relationship is not really working for you – and are unsure of whether to try to improve it or end it,

* You may feel out of control with a habit – or you may simply yearn to live your life more fully.

For the past forty years I have been asking questions about the nature of reality and consciousness. Of particular interest to me has been the balance between the creative and spiritual aspects of being human with the more rational, intellectual and scientific side of our experience.

I use my training, knowledge, fifteen years of counselling experience and lifelong interest in people to help you quickly and effectively. Sometimes this involves looking at past experiences, but my emphasis is to find practical ways to move forward rather than to dwell on the past. I am a healer and also an expert in practical aspects of how your brain works.

I am a partner at “in8”, based in Trowbridge to provide a single point of contact for individuals, couples, families, private and public organisations who require a rapid, effective and proven way of improving emotional and mental health, both individually and in the workplace.

We use the human givens approach which gives new insights into why people behave in the way they do – we all do things occasionally which are unhelpful despite our understanding of the situation. There are new understandings about the mechanisms in the brain relating to depression, anxiety, addiction and other behaviours. This means that we can often help people make dramatic progress in just a few sessions.

Our approach is efficient, economic and extremely effective. It is also pragmatic and solution-focused. If you would like to read more about the practicalities of how we work with face to face clients, please see this page on our approach.

Or, if you are ready, please click here to book an appointment with me.